April 2021 President’s Message

Liz Saunders
Sports Council President

Naples has never been busier, call it ‘revenge vacations’ or whatever you wish, its great to see! We have also had some great new events at the PCSC, Paradise Coast Sports Complex, like the Weston Cup that filled hotels all the way to Ft Myers airport.

The upcoming Miami Cup predicts to do the same.  Sports is our savior and Sports Force Inc. is working hard to fill dates with events.   I look forward to the upcoming year, as I believe everything is getting better as we move forward. Now it  is time to re-group and have and general membership meeting!

We have had a lot of changes, members in new roles and new people to meet, including SFI’s new General Manager, John Simone.  John is hosting our next meeting; I hope to see you there!



PCSC, Paradise Coast Sports Complex Welcome Center

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