Business Invitation to Join our new and exciting SCC Card Program

Dear Business Leaders:

The mission of the Sports Council of Collier County (SCCC) is to provide resources, accessibility and opportunities that encourage individuals and organizations to participate in sports in our community. These are very exciting times for sports here as Collier County has just opened the magnificent Paradise Coast Sports Complex. That will help make us a true Sports destination; bringing new revenue to the area through the tourists and locals who will have the opportunity to attend more sports, arts and entertainment events.

With that in mind and based on your reputation in the community, we would like to invite you to become a SCCC member and get engaged with what’s happening in our area, ultimately attracting your business new patrons via our SCC Card program while enhancing their overall experience in town.

Introducing the SCC Card:

The Sports Council has launched this deals & discounts program, called the SCC Card, in order to connect the business community with all of the sports & special events happening in the area.  SCCC is very excited about this first ever initiative to assist our local community to ultimately attract event participants directly to their businesses through the SCC Card. Even though we are a Sports Council the SCC Card will also be available to vacationers and residents. We will also donate a portion of every SCC Card sale to a 501(c)(3) charity.

Benefits of a participating with the SCC Card:

  • Includes SCCC Membership for a year
  • Display your company offers, deals and discounts on the SCC Card App, link can also be found on the SCCC website your business, on event websites and easily found in Google searches.
    • Your business will be given full exposure to the huge volume of tourists that visit Collier County every year. (The county had more than 1.9 million visitors in 2019 — an increase of 5.8% & the highest number on record.)
  • Network and connect with other Collier County business owners and members to expand sports tourism. Be “in the know” with an open invitation to attend monthly membership meetings to provide important feedback.
  • Opportunity for ‘Brand Visibility’ through advertising promotions to tourists, athletes and their families enticing them with deals or discounts to become a customer of yours.
  • Opportunity to host a sports team at your facility where appropriate
  • Keep up to date with the growing sports events calendar in Collier County; their location, dates, qualifying number of teams, players and tournament duration.
  • Be a part of an important long-term hospitality and tourism strategic plan for our community. Our current membership is comprised of all sectors within the business community. SCCC is represented by sports organizations, hoteliers, restaurants, attractions, events and entertainment venues to name a few.

In these challenging times we believe that we need to work together as a community to strengthen our sports and business communities. We sincerely hope that you will help us achieve our mission!

  To register for membership, go to & don’t forget to add your deals, discount or special offers.

Kind Regards,

Sport Council of Collier County Board

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