FBU Event Summary

With the 2018 event concluded, TEAMINN would like to express our sincerest gratitude for the opportunity to partner with FBU, Collier County CVB, and the many top notch properties within the county, to be able to provide a superior event to the nation’s top football programs.

We believe that this year was of uppermost quality due to the professionalism, dedication, and passion of all of these organizations working together to create an event that will leave everlasting memories for the teams and their families traveling to the extraordinary city of Naples.

The FBU organization is like no other we have worked with previously. Their commitment to running this event is phenomenal – from their timeliness and level of communication, to the standards they set forth for their teams, to their commitment to the properties to ensure a positive experience by incorporating codes of conduct all players must sign, and bringing in a Director of

Security the week of the event, whose primary responsibility was to ensure there were no issues at each property behaviorally – this organization is definitely best in class.

At this time, we have been able to summarize the total room night counts and approximate revenue for Collier County. Please find below those numbers and reach out with any questions that may arise.

Generally speaking, and despite our efforts, 20% of event bookings do not get booked through
our platform. Therefor, we could realistically believe total room nights would calculate to 3433
and revenue would total $462,651.92.

While we believe this was a highly successful event, we continue to evaluate ways to grow and further develop it from the hospitality perspective for teams. Given that we have a significant more amount of time to prepare for the 2019 event, we believe it would add value having the opportunity to partner with restaurants, grocery stores, local attractions, and transportation to put together packages for participating families to bring in even more revenue to Collier County for this event.

It would be valuable to sit together with both the CVB and FBU to collaborate on ways to implement this. In addition, from the TEAMINN side, we are looking at the overall registration process and how we can further streamline that for qualifying teams, based on the timing of the event, which will also support the properties better.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with such an amazing community.

“This years’ experience with
FBU, TEAMINN, and Mass Elite
was top notch. We had great
communication from the onset
in preparation for the arrival of
the Mass Elite Football Team.
TEAMINN provided us with a timely
and accurate reservations list. PJ
VandeRydt, Coach for the
Mass Elite team, was a pleasure
to work with. His team behavior
was exemplary. We literally had
no issues reported during their entire
stay. The kids stayed on schedules,
and behaved in a courteous and
professional manner with all staff.
Great event, and we would like to
welcome them again.”
Jacob Damouni
Resort Manager
Naples Grande
Beach Resort

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