Shout Out – Thank You South Street Bar & Grill

Thank You Brent

A huge shout out to our Sports Council board member Brent Pleeter. Brent is the owner of South St Bar & Grill on the corner of Goodlette Frank & Pine Ridge Rd. By being very commercially creative, Brent raised over $22,000 for the Special Olympics athletes of Collier County.

His initiative also helped spread awareness about their fundraising goals for the kids of Collier County Special Olympics. The fundraisers even had ESPN radio as special guests on a number of occasions. “This funding will help our kids compete in the world games in 2022.

We knew that fundraising activities for these kids barely existed during a lot of the year because of Covid and we thought it was our chance to step up and help them” said Brent.

Thank you Brent for letting people know you care about the athletes in our community.

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