What Board Member Lori Lou Waddell Loves This Week

In September 2017, the Collier County Board of Commissioners approved an increase in the Tourist Development tax to assist in the development and financing of a new amateur sports complex in the eastern part of our County. This new sports complex has been named the Paradise Coast Sportsplex and the first phase will be open for competition in June 2020, less than a year away!

The Paradise Coast Sportsplex is a large-scale project and will be a preeminent compliment to already existing sports facilities in our area. It will offer a variety of competitive events, national championships, family activities and local team play that will benefit our citizens, area businesses and the many competitive athletes and their families that will visit and compete in the new facility.

As a community and a destination, we scored big with the new Paradise Coast Sportsplex, proving that creativity, collaboration and planned growth can tip the scales in the right direction for healthy lifestyles, plentiful activities and positive economic growth.

-Lori Lou Waddell, visitor information specialist

Collier County Sports Council Board Member

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