Why Be A Member?

The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Join Us!

  1. Get Involved! Don’t miss the opportunity to volunteer at, and promote, sporting events and competitive play… it’s a great way to be a part of the evolution of sports in Collier County!
  2. Network and connect with other Collier County business owners and members to expand sports tourism. Feel the energy!
  3. Be “in the know” with an open invitation to attend Membership meetings.
  4. Receive updates about events and tournaments, their location, dates, qualifying number of teams, players and tournament duration.
  5. Find out how many out-of-town teams will be participating in events, type of team accommodations needed, entertainment desired and dining preferences requested. Offer players and their families enticing discounts to your business.
  6. Brand your business to potential new customers.
  7. Keep up with the growing sports events calendar in Collier County.
  8. Be a part of an important long-term hospitality and tourism strategic plan with the CVB for our community.
  9. Share discounts and special offers with our member-to-member private “Members Only” page on our website.
  10. Display your company materials, take-aways or coupons at the Sports Council Information Booth during sports events for youth, amateur athletes and their families.